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About Us

About Us

Olive Recycling LLC is a young and energetic company with high quality service in managing surplus assets in a safe, reliable, trackable, and efficient way. We are located in Sterling, Virginia and operate in all 50 states across the nation. Our mission is to completely eliminate landfill through a systematic and organized way of handling surplus assets.

We gather surplus equipment and mainly focuses on re-use of all equipment as much as possible. If and only if the equipment is in an unusable state, we break them into components that can be reused in areas within multiple different industries. Using every single bit of the surplus equipment, we achieve a 95% re-use/recycle rate which is well above industry standards.

Our values are:

Efficient Handling – We dedicated ourselves to a greener Earth free of landfill and we work with countries across the globe in Europe (Turkey, Poland, Germany, Belgium), Africa (South Africa, Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia), and Asia (China, Japan, India, Pakistan) to maximize the re-use of surplus equipment.

Transparency – We value our customers when it comes to where their surplus equipment ends up. Therefore, we provide a fully transparent process that is traceable to ensure organizational and regulatory compliance.

Social Responsibility – We work with counties, schools, universities to collect any electronic waste by providing collection points where people can turn in their un-used equipment and in return Olive Recycling plants trees in a designated area. We remove waste and landfill but we do not stop there! We literally make Earth a greener place!

Continuous Improvement – We continuous research the electronics recycling industry and attend multiple conference across the globe to better learn the processes and maximize the diversity in our products to recycle as much as possible. We work only with the best!

Customer Satisfaction – Let’s be honest! Customers are the most important steps to recycling. Without social responsibility, without YOU starting the process, we would never be around. So, we strive to provide the best customer service possible in an individually customized way to fully support you!

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