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Our Services

Our Services

Electronics Refurbishing

When we say hold out an olive branch to Earth, we really mean it. Every type of electronics that goes towards landfill causes the world we live in, a great danger. So as part of our business, we refurbish as many electronics as possible and put them back in the market where they were “once amazing machines”. So that they are now “just as great as they were” ready to serve us again.

Electronics Recycling: Surely some electronics do get old. Although they were “once amazing machines’ they have truly lost their touch. And they can no longer be “just as great as they were” either. But they are still made of great components. So we recycle them as much as we can.

Data Destruction: Your secret is safe with us! For equipments that might include confidential data that you do not want others to see either for business requirements or for personal reasons, we offer data destruction services. We can wipe your data from your devices, or totally shred them into pieces if that is your preference and provide you with a certificate of proof.

Asset and Surplus Management: If you have a continues need of electronics recycling services for your company, we offer technology strategy services that best optimize your electronics use, maximize your profitability, and at the same time manage your recycling needs from an end to end perspective so you can have one less thing in your mind. We also offer free pick up and drop off services.

Precious Metal Recycling: We work with refineries that extract the precious metals in any electronics related product in the most efficient way! That way your trash becomes someone else’s gold in another industry!

Social Responsibility Awareness: As we provide electronics recycling services to public sphere, private companies, schools, universities, government entities, individuals and in many more areas, we also care for our world. We work with entities in donating for a good cause. You pick the cause, we fulfill it for you! For every electronics product you offer us for recycling at a certain volume, we will in return offer donation to a charity that you pick! Or plant trees in a designated area you choose! Or any other great idea that you come up with!  

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